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Your home’s flooring plays an important part in not only the look of your home but the comfort and value. At Bayfield flooring we offer an extensive selection of flooring types to meet the needs of your household. From vinyl flooring with superior moisture resistance to timeless hardwood, we have the flooring you need to make your home safe, comfortable and beautiful.

What is the Best Flooring for Your Home?

With advancements in technology and design of flooring, Barrie homeowners have more options than ever before when it comes to flooring. One of the most exciting developments is the use of laminate and vinyl flooring that can be made to look like hardwood or stone tiles. This cost-effective option makes it easy to add the elegant look of wood and stone throughout your house. When it comes to choosing which flooring is best for each room of your home, take these factors into consideration:
Room Conditions
The potential for spills and moisture in a room are very important when considering flooring. While a living room or bedroom may be able to use nearly any flooring type, a bathroom or kitchen will require flooring with exceptional moisture resistance. This is why tile, laminate, and vinyl work best in these areas.
Foot Traffic
Wall-to-wall cream carpet seems like a great idea until the first spill or muddy footprint makes an appearance. Unless you have a child and pet free home, carpet, especially light colored carpet, is unlikely to be a good idea. Instead, choose durable berber carpet, darker colored carpet or hardwood.
Sound and Heat Considerations
Both carpet and any flooring with an underlayer of padding, such as a foam backed vinyl can provide extra protection against cold and noise. This is why carpet is a popular choice for bedrooms and living rooms.
Retained Value
Do you plan to stay in your home? If not, flooring choice may be even more important. While quality flooring can retain its value for a time, hardwood can actually help increase home value for years to come.

Exceptional Selection and Quality

When searching for flooring stores, Barrie homeowners will often find flooring installers who offer several floor types but who do not have the experience to properly and efficiently install each type. At Bayfield, our flooring experts are trained in both traditional flooring types like hardwood and new, innovative flooring types including laminate and luxury vinyl. This ensures that we can provide exceptional quality and service for all your flooring needs throughout your home. We strive to provide the best customer service along with quick, cost-efficient installation. Our catalogue of flooring types, styles, and colors is consistently growing to match both classic home decor and emerging and modern trends.

MAKE A RIGHT CHOICEInstallation Guide

Solid & Engineered Wood Installation

Wood flooring is a timeless look that can elevate your decor and increase your home value. Though initial cost may be higher than other flooring types, it retains its value and can last much longer. With resurfacing as an option, you can fix damaged hardwood or even change its appearance with staining.

Benefits of Solid and Engineered Wood Flooring: Both engineered and solid hardwood have similar benefits. While engineered wood flooring cannot typically be refinished multiple times the way solid wood can. For appearances, both can look nearly identical though engineered wood can be made into wider planks.

  • Can be refinished or painted to match decor or repair damage
  • Extremely long-lasting with the potential for many decades of use
  • Timeless and elegant appearance
  • Water and heat resistant
  • Excellent resale value
Laminate Installation

Laminate flooring is similar to vinyl flooring in that it is a cost-effective way to get the look of hardwood for less. Unlike vinyl, laminate has an HDF core that makes realistic embossing possible. This embossing allows laminate flooring to look even more like real wood. However, it is not as resistant to moisture as vinyl is though its natural wood content gives it a better environmental impact.

Benefits of Laminate Flooring: Barrie homeowners seeking versatile flooring that resists stains and is easy to maintain often choose laminate flooring. In addition to having the same ease of installation and cost-effectiveness of vinyl, it is also better at retaining heat, absorbing sound and providing a more comfortable walking experience compared to hardwood.

  • Exceptionally realistic wood-look
  • Easy to maintain
  • Long-lasting and cost-effective
  • Stain resistant
  • Excellent style and color selection
  • When installed with a foam backing, laminate effectively absorbs sound
  • Provides a softer, more comfortable feel compared to hardwood
Luxury Vinyl Plank & Tile Installation

Not long ago, the idea of putting the words “vinyl” and “luxury” together seemed completely out of place. With the advent of luxury vinyl plank and tile, that has all changed. These sophisticated vinyl flooring solutions have the look of hardwood or stone with the affordability and ease of vinyl installation.

Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Flooring: Barrie area residents looking for affordable flooring with an impressive selection of colors often choose vinyl. Along with a wide range of colors and styles, vinyl is also easy to install and stain resistant.

  • Typically among the most affordable flooring options
  • Vinyl can stand up to tough treatment and won’t scratch the way hardwood can
  • Great for households with children, pets, and lots of foot traffic
  • Styles, colors and patterns to go with any decor
  • Little maintenance and resistant to stains
Carpet Installation

From sturdy, low-maintenance berber to plush, luxurious velvet pile carpet, this type of flooring is ideal for many homes and commercial spaces. Carpet is also fast to install and is available in a wide price range, making it a good choice for many homeowners. With Bayfield’s expert installation and premium selection, rooms can often be completed within a single day.

Benefits of Carpet Flooring: Barrie area homes must be designed to be comfortable even during the harshest Canadian winters. Carpet is often a good choice for its ability to hold in heat. Additionally, it can also reduce sound transfer and provide a safer, slip-resistant flooring for pets and children.

  • Noise reduction for a quieter home
  • Provides protection against cold floors
  • Wide range of colors and thickness levels to choose from
  • Easy and affordable installation
  • Soft and safe for children to play on
  • Provides a soft, non-slippery surface for extra safety
Sheet Vinyl Installation

Sheet vinyl is a type of vinyl flooring that is installed in a single, seamless sheet. These large sheets provide superior resistance against moisture. While less realistic looking when it comes to wood patterns, sheet vinyl is ideal for solid color flooring. With no seams to contend with, sheet vinyl offers the perfect option for large patterns and single color flooring.  Sheet vinyl flooring works exceptionally well in kitchens, mud rooms, laundry rooms, basements, home gyms and bathrooms.

Benefits of Vinyl Flooring: Barrie homeowners who choose sheet vinyl can expect the benefits of easy maintenance, superior water resistance and durability. Vinyl flooring is especially good in high traffic areas and can stand up to busy households with kids and pets.

  • Exceptional selection to match your decor
  • Good heat retention for a better barefoot walking experience
  • Stain and moisture resistant
  • Fast installation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Cost effective
Ceramic Tile Installation

Ceramic tile comes in a wide range of colors to fit both more traditional styles and modern decor. Easy to maintain and durable, ceramic tile provides an effortless way to upgrade the look of your home. 

Benefits of Ceramic Tile: 

Superior Water Resistance: Ceramic tile is a good option for bathrooms, entryways and any room where there may be excess moisture on the floor. It will also not warp in humid environments the way other materials can. 

Effortless Maintenance: A quick wipe down with a mop or towel is about all you need to clean up spills and maintain a like-new appearance for your ceramic tile. Durable: Ceramic is quite durable. However, one of the biggest benefits to this flooring type is that if a tile or two does get damaged, you can replace them without replacing the whole floor.

solid and engineered wood installation

Budgeting Priorities

Budget is an important part of any home repair or improvement. When choosing your flooring, first consider your total budget then decide which room or rooms are the biggest priority. This can help you avoid choosing a cheaper flooring that does not suit your needs long-term.

For example, while laminate flooring is cheaper than tile and can be used in a bathroom, it is far more prone to water damage. Preserving a laminate floor in a bathroom would require extra diligence in mopping up water quickly.

Tile Installation

A luxe look combined with durability make tile an ideal option for flooring. Barrie homeowners choose our quality tile for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and anywhere stain-resistant and easy to maintain flooring is needed. Choose from textured stone tile, sleek solid colors, and unique patterned tile flooring.

Benefits of Tile Flooring: Tile flooring has several benefits especially in kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas where moisture and spills are likely.  Tile is the gold standard in bathrooms as it can stand up to the inherent moisture in the room and makes cleaning up kitchen spills a breeze. With only a quick sweep and mop, your tile flooring can stay looking like new for years to come.

  • Durable and stain resistant
  • Can increase home value
  • May reduce allergens
  • Low maintenance
  • Long-lasting and cost-effective
  • Great for use with a heated flooring system
Solid & Engineered wood

Solid & Engineered wood

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