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From timeless white to modern black and every color in between, tile flooring can easily suit your home. Use tile flooring to create unique patterns and designs to add visual interest to any room or choose from a variety of solid colors, and textures.  With Bayfield’s expert installers and design team, we can help you choose the best tile flooring options for any room of your home.

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Types of Tile and Best Uses

From superior heat conducting porcelain to glass tiles with excellent stain resistance, there is a type of tile that is best for everywhere you need it. Here are some of the most popular tile flooring types and their best uses.


Ceramic (Glazed and Unglazed):

Ceramic tiles are where affordability, selection and durability meet to provide an all-around quality product. Often cheaper than other tile materials, aesthetically pleasing, and is also resistant to stains and other signs of wear.

Glazed vs Unglazed Ceramic:

Unglazed is a rougher, more rustic texture and appearance while glazed is smooth. While both are durable, glazed offers superior resistance to staining since its surface is less porous.


Along with being exceptionally durable, it can be used to mimic the look of stone, wood, or brick. Additionally, porcelain can withstand both cold and hot temperatures making it possible to use this type of tile indoors and outdoors.

Natural Stone:

Known for its elegance and timeless style, natural stone instantly adds beauty and value to your home. However, natural stone is more prone to scratches and can be more maintenance than other tile types. Save natural stone for low-traffic areas and smaller, decorative applications.

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When choosing among tile stores, Barrie customers deserve a local installer with expert knowledge of tile materials and what will work best for each home. At Bayfield, we take pride in providing the best products, installation, service and expertise for all our flooring types. To get started with your consultation for tile floor, Barrie customers can call us at

Advantages of Tile Floor, Barrie

There are many surprising advantages to a tile floor. Barrie homes can especially benefit from porcelain tile’s ability to conduct heat. Combined with its easy maintenance and resistance to moisture, tile’s warmth makes it an ideal option in areas you want to be cozy but aren’t suited for carpet.  Here are some other advantages of tile to consider.

Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance:

Sweeping and a quick pass with a damp mop are usually all it takes to clean a tile floor. Unlike carpet that can trap dirt or hardwood flooring that can get scuffed or scratched, tile is resistant to these kinds of damage which make it exceptionally easy to clean.

Stain Resistant:

Few surfaces are more resistant to stains or signs of wear than tile floor. Barrie homes with high traffic rooms can rely on a quick wipe down to restore tile to like-new even after spills, dirt, and mud.

Heat Conducting:

Both ceramic and porcelain tiles are excellent choices for use with heated floor elements. Heating up quickly and retaining heat longer, these tiles keep your bathroom floor toasty even during the coldest months.

Moisture Resistance:

Tile flooring’s ability to resist damage due to moisture make it ideal for use in bathrooms, foyers, laundry rooms, and anywhere moisture or spills are likely.


Tile comes in an exciting and extensive variety of colors and patterns. Easily create custom designs by mixing and matching tiles of different sizes and colors.

Better for Allergies:

Since tile will not trap dirt or bacteria, it is a superior flooring choice for reducing allergens in a home. It will also not retain any unpleasant odors from spills, mold, or mildew.

Longevity and Value:

Tile flooring is extremely durable and can easily maintain a like-new appearance. Install tile flooring to beautify your home now and improve resale value later.

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